- Authentic Wedgwood Chess sets - Authentic Wedgwood Chess sets

Stoneware 1820-25 with the ‘Moustache Mark  \  /’ was always larger than clay pieces.  

If anyone has been to the factory and actually seen the Jasper pieces before curing  -- They were at least 10-15% larger than the final item and I took photos showing some of the pieces being cast in separate parts.


People have said to me that the current sets I am having made by Wedgwood at Barlaston in England, are not as clear and detailed as the older sets.  Well – sorry to disapoint you, some of the older ones are even worse, with casting marks as well.  

Some stock at the factory, waiting for the other pieces to be made to make up the complete set. 

As with all good things there are lots of copies. Some better than others, as well as different sizes. The best copies are Sampson of France  and Royal Worcester of England. Royal Worcester made 2 sets at least for Kerr and Binns in the late 19th Century which were not made from an original set (moulded), but actually copied by master craftsmen and were very good indeed. One set is in a museum and the other in private hands. wedgwood

Since the FLAXMAN sets were first made in 1783, there have been a number of attempts to remake them. The last one was in 1980.

I have had the main moulds refurbished 3 years ago and we are still looking for the other moulds for the other Kings and Queens plus ‘The Tom Fool’ which was made for the French market. The reason was to create sets of different colours for my own collection  and possibly sell some at the same time.
The special colours, I am having made 1 or 2 sets in, unless someone orders one.
The colours I now have are:
Light Blue v White, Black, Lilac, Sage Green, Light Brown and Dark Brown.
Also 2 Colour:
White on Light Blue Base v Light Blue on White Base and Black on White Base v White on Black Base.

If anyone is interested on buying a set please contact either Elizabeth Gann or Frank Cameratta in USA or Garrick Coleman in England.
I will also sell them direct with a special discount to CCI Members and even exchange a set for old pieces of Wedgwood, Royal Doulton, Minton etc.

At the present time I am building up quite a collection of old Wedgwood Chess Pieces from 1783-1825 and later, in Stoneware, Basalt, Jasper, Glazed China and Creamware.

These are still made and available to special order from us.

Chessmen were made in solid colours, and in white jasper with blue, green or lilac dip bases. According to Barnard, as many as 130 sets were sold between. 1785 and 1795. Their design is a remarkable example of eighteenth century Gothick, seldom seen in ceramics.


There have been many articles written by Wedgwood Specialists, who are and were far more knowledgable than me. Including one of the best, Robert J. Reichner who wrote in great detail many years ago and Henry Buton of The Buton Museum of Wedgwood and many others.

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